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Now You Can Have All The Model Train Resources
You Need At Your Fingertips Anytime, Any Where...
To Help You Build Your "Dream" Railroad


Robert Andersons Model Train Club is growing in popularity with members from around the world contributing and sharing ideas and knowledge to assist others in the hobby. After registering, members get to access the exclusive "Members Only Area" online using their chosen Username and Password. Everyone begins at Level 1 and progresses up a level each month for as long as they continue their membership (which is a month to month membership), without long term contracts to sign.

The "Members Only Area" is divided into categories to assist members in locating all the resources. The categories include: DCC, Detailing, Weathering, Scenery, Structures, Overcoming Problems, Questions & Answers, Track Plans, Benchwork, Handy Tips, Planning & Design, Trackwork, Wiring & Control, Maintenance/Repairs etc. New content and resources are added to each level each month. There are 3 videos that can explain it better than I can. Just click on the link below.

model railway club

The great thing about the online train club is you don't need to spend forever trying to solve problems on your own. A quick search of the members area and you'll probably find the answer you're looking for in seconds. The site is easy to surf because it's divided into logical categories that include articles, videos, ideas from other members, diagrams, charts, plans and plenty more. There is even a category for questions & answers, and another packed with handy tips from other members.

The good thing is each month you get upgraded, so you get to uncover more and more member resources each month. There are 3 quick videos explaining how it works, and giving you a free look inside the club. Just click on the link above to access the videos.